Foundation Retrofitting

Los Angeles

Having a home is a huge investment and as such, you should always strive to keep it intact. Keeping your loved ones safe is also imperative and you need to make sure that the house you are living in is safe and stable. As you can imagine the foundation of the home is very important and needs to be steady. There are older homes and even commercial buildings that were constructed in the past and may not be able to withstand seismic activities. In such cases, retrofitting the foundation is the best solution. We are a local company with the best foundation retrofitting Los Angeles.
Besides foundation retrofitting seeming to be a good move, in some instances, it is a legal mandate so as to protect the residents of Los Angeles. You will need to ensure that your property complies with the earthquake codes. Earthquakes and settling may be unpredictable and as such, you cannot wait for such events to happen. Retrofitting your foundation is a great way to keep your property safe and secure. This will be for your own safety and protection as most insurance companies do not cover natural disasters. Our skilled contractors are experienced and knowledgeable and will handle all foundation retrofitting issues.

Contact us for the best earthquake retrofitting and foundation reinforcement for your home. We have a great team of experts that specializes in house bolting, residential foundation retrofits and so much more. Get in touch with us and let our foundation specialists inspect your foundation and give you a free estimate for retrofitting.

Why Retrofit Your Foundation

For most homes that were built before 1945, there is a fair chance that the foundation is not bolted down properly. Modern homes come with anchor bolts that secure the foundation and the entire building. As such, your home becomes more stable and can withstand a wide range of seismic activities. Retrofitting is a task that should be left to experienced contractors who understand the essence of foundations. We are one of the leading experts and we will use the best hardware to bolt down your foundation.

You should note that foundation retrofitting is different for every property. Our foundation inspectors will evaluate your foundation and determine the best earthquake retrofitting approach for your home. The location where your home is built and the stability of the foundation are the main elements that we will consider. In most cases, we will install frame anchors and bolt the foundation to secure and reinforce it. This is a detailed process and our crews will work fast and efficiently. We have the best team of foundation contractors and we will make a point of giving you the best solutions.

Best Foundation Retrofitting Experts

For a couple of decades, we have always served this community with the best foundation solutions. Contact us today for foundation retrofitting Los Angeles and we will be glad to provide the best options for you. Talk to us today and get a free estimate for our services.