How can I tell if my house needs a foundation repair or replacement service?

Cracks in the drywall, gaps between the walls and the ceiling, doors that stick, nails coming out of the drywall, windows that stick, cracked floors, or gaps between the walls and floors are all possible. These are all signs of foundation problems, and while there are some inherent risks, they do not necessarily indicate that your house will collapse. You should have them checked, however, because these problems can take time to develop.

What is concrete repair?

Concrete repair is the process of repairing a hardened concrete surface that has lost its ability to hold the binding concrete materials together over time due to damage or exposure to the elements. Concrete repair can be used to repair cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces, and surface scaling.

What is the best concrete mix, based on your concrete contractor experience?

Concrete is used for a variety of purposes, and each one necessitates a unique mix or ratio of ingredients. Concrete poured into irregularly shaped foundations, for example, must be more free-flowing (have a higher slump) to fill all the gaps. This implies that it will most likely have a higher water-to-aggregate ratio, and that a plasticizer may be added to the mix to improve flow and workability.

How long will my project take?

Small concrete projects, like driveways, should take 2-3 days. More extensive projects, such as concrete walls, concrete counters, commercial sidewalks around a property and so forth may take a week or two.

What is the role of a general contractor?

The following are the main responsibilities of a general contractor:
Select the right subcontractors.
Provide the necessary materials and labor for the job.
Schedules and cash flow should be managed.
Keep detailed records of the project’s progress.
Ensure that the project site is safe.
Check the quality of work done by subcontractors and employees.

How much does it cost to hire a general contractor?

The cost of a project varies from one to the next and is impacted by a variety of factors. When determining the cost of a project, open an honest communication is crucial. We collaborate with each customer to develop the most cost-effective budget feasible, and we always stick to it.